I am a documentary filmmaker, freelance cinematographer and media content producer from Belfast, Northern Ireland, living and working in Arizona and California.

I’m obsessed with what people believe, and why! My first feature-length documentary focuses on the famous evangelical preacher Tony Campolo (spiritual advisor to President Clinton) and his son Bart Campolo, who stopped believing in God at the age of 50 and stepped away from Christian ministry (Leaving My Father’s Faith, 2017). The film revolves around an in-depth conversation between the father and his son resulting from Bart’s departure from faith. As the son of a Presbyterian minister, I have long been interested in the questions religion seeks to answer.

I spent a few years exploring the role of belief in a series of documentaries commissioned by the Colorado River Indian Tribes, and on their Native American traditions and cultures, including how they assert their beliefs in the present day (The Marking of a Milestone, 2015, Beyond All Boundaries, 2016, In Our Voice, 2018).

More recently, I’ve made films on subjects as diverse as the lifestyle of a new generation of desert racers and recreational off-roaders (Trail Code, 2020), a legal challenge to the private prison industry (Imprisoned for Profit, 2020), and the authority of the President of the United States to unilaterally authorize the use of nuclear weapons (in development).

I’d love to hear from you if you have a project you’d like to collaborate on! I’m genuinely passionate about my work and am excited by new ideas, producing good stuff with others, and meeting people. So… get in touch!

I  am a member of the International Documentary Association.