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Got it. You have a product or service, or represent an organization of some kind, and you need to tell its story in a beautiful, gripping, attention-grabbing way. At Jux Media we’re especially enthusiastic about doing this in a contemporary short documentary style. Audiences can tell when something is authentic, and we like to put real people on camera and get the most out of them. We’re good at it! That said, we can do most other styles of video production to fit many budgets: Hiring actors or models? Shoot in a studio? Use brand ambassadors? Do some very precise product cinematography? All options! Get started HERE.

Okay, so you have a compelling story or idea and you’re interested in making a proper film on it. Long-form documentary filmmaking is where it all started for Jux Media, and we’ve produced films and film series from 7 minutes all the way to around 2 hours long! This form of storytelling – when done right – is powerful, absorbing and influential. By connecting to the emotional heart of the audience, we believe it can accomplish more than almost any other kind of media. Jux Media has lots of experience planning, filming and post-producing films that have ended up on Amazon Prime, PBS, movie theaters, film festivals and elsewhere. We can help you budget, plan and produce from beginning to end. Get in touch to start a conversation about your project!

Web courses, educational series and similar projects – including promotional assets for social media and website – can actually be done in a way that reflects on your organization or brand really beautifully. We’ve done it for a variety of clients! Truthfully: something recorded on Zoom (or even using a cheap videographer with a budget camera) will never compare with a thoughtfully produced, masterfully shot series with an expert production company. There’s a reason Masterclass is doing so well; they understand the value of professionals on the other side of the camera. We’re great collaborators and like to be active partners in your production, making recommendations and asking good questions as we go so that you’ll feel like you’re in good hands come film day. We highly encourage you to get in touch, even if you’re just in the earliest stages of planning, so we can offer advice and maybe begin to plan with you. Get started here!

Gotcha! You have a conference, festival, concert, gathering or other event and you need to capture it professionally on video. We can do that, either live or recorded. Prices will depend on the scale of the coverage needed, how many cameras and personnel we need to do it, and a handful of other things, but we have many satisfied clients and we’re sure you will be too. (Oh, and we can provide still photography too.) Get in touch!

Okay, you’re looking for a Director of Photography (DP) or camera operator for your project. John Wright at Jux Media has been lighting and shooting for his own productions since 2010, and has been filling crew roles in other productions too throughout that time (mostly in the camera department, sometimes as DP). You can hire him, with or without his Sony FX6 cinema rig and other gear, by getting in touch HERE.

Jux Media takes on only a limited number of outside editing jobs, because we’re usually so busy on our own productions! Get in touch if you need an editor and we can talk about it at least, especially for documentary.

To be very honest… we don’t specialize in animation, especially complex animation. But check out our reel of marketing projects to see if we’ve done anything like what you had in mind. Any questions, just give us a shout for a quick response!

We do this. A bit. But, with two exceptions (one of which is actually radio!), it’s mostly hands-off at this point due to existing commitments. At the very least, maybe we can do some light consulting about microphones and stuff and put you in touch with someone who can help you fulfill your dream? Doing a podcast well takes the right sequence of decisions during planning and setup, and then a doggedly determined commitment and consistency from there. Good luck!

Wanna go for coffee? Need a recommendation for a makeup artist or sound guy or drone operator or specialty cinematographer of some kind? Seen something we’ve done and want to talk about it? Wanna ask an offensive question? Got a story idea or other project you’d like to pitch? Got some money you’d like to invest in a TV project you’d like to bring to life? Wanna recommend the best burger you’ve ever had? Please feel free to get in touch!

Our work

We’re so proud of what we’ve created with collaborators as diverse as Professional Photographers of America, the Colorado River Indian Tribes, UTV Sports Magazine, Fundy Software, Kaiser Permanente and many others! See a longer list HERE.

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For info on director John Wright go HERE.