80 mins

After Thanksgiving dinner, Bart Campolo asked his dad, the well-known preacher Tony Campolo, to sit down to talk. Bart wanted to give his father some shocking news: that after a lifetime of work as a prominent minister himself, he was no longer a believer in the Christian faith. It was the beginning of a candid, meaningful exchange between a father and his son about belief, storytelling and the power of our relationships. That conversation is at the heart of this feature-length documentary by John Wright.

Tony Campolo is a Christian author, speaker and activist whom the New York Times describes as “one of the most important evangelical Christian preachers of the last 50 years.” Bart Campolo is a Humanist leader, author and public speaker whom the New York Times describes as “a rising star of atheism.”

Directed, co-produced and edited by John Wright at Jux Media.

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